Polyester Paints

Polyester Paints
Polyester Paints (Outdoor Paints)

Type :

Polyester paints are outdoor paints. It should be designed in accordance with external factors. It provides a high level of UV resistance. Therefore, it is applied in places exposed to external factors and sun.

Use :

It harmonises perfectly with all metal and glass surfaces. Bicycles, motorcycles, rims, car accessories, fire extinguisher and gas tubes, metal packaging, lighting luminaires, door and window joinery, electrical panels, agricultural machinery, garden furniture and roof can be mentioned as usage areas.

Surface Preparation :

Before applying powder paint, the surface must be cleared of all dirt, rust and oil. In order to increase the strength, it should be coated with iron phosphate, zinc phosphate, chromium phosphate or chromate by chemical treatment. The coating chosen according to the material used and the work done will ensure both the protection of the material and better adhesion of the dust to the surface.

Application :

It is used manually, with automatic corona or tribo type electrostatic powder spray equipment.

Burning Time :

The burning time is related to the structure of the resin used in the product, the furnace efficiency and the mass of the piece. Recommended burning times are indicated on the relevant product labels (It should be paid attention to the maximum temperature values). The important thing is that the surface to be applied can see the temperature, not the paint!.

Safety :

Powder coatings are flammable but not sparkler. The ignition temperature of the dust/air mixture is 450-600 °C. For other safety information, it is recommended to refer to the safety data sheet which is prepared in accordance with the 91/155/UE instruction.

Packaging :

For standard products, it is in net 25 kg boxes.

Storage :

It is stored for at least 1 year in closed packaging in dry places not exposed to direct sunlight at a temperature not exceeding 35 °C.